Commuter Programs & Benefits

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2011 Commuter Challenge

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By carpooling you keep pollutants out of our air and reduce traffic. Employers can encourage carpooling by offering ridematch services for their employees. Free ridematch services are available through the NTCAC Transit Partners: DART and The T.

Consult your insurance professional for any insurance savings available.


People Vanpooling

Vanpooling is great for everyone. Vanpools are made up of 6-15 employees who live and work near each other, and may have little or no access to bus or rail service.


Guaranteed Ride Home

Employers can also offer a guaranteed ride home for carpoolers/vanpoolers. This allows employees an opportunity to get a ride home in case of an emergency.

Mass Transit

Mass transit is one of the easiest ways to remove cars and truck from roads, which helps air quality and congestion.
Transit Savings Calculator

Carbon Savings Calculator - Calculate your carbon reduction by taking public transportation instead of driving.

Public Transporation Takes Us There 



Bicycling and walking are cost-effective ways to commute.


Tax Benefits

Besides helping air quality, traffic congestion and employee morale, you and your employees can benefit from tax savings.  A 2009 tax chart is available here - TAX CHART - Please consult a tax professional to receive the maximum benefit by law.


Working from home

Telecommuting, or teleworking, allows employees to work from home or a remote location closer to home. Research shows the telecommuters are 10-20% more productive than office workers.

Let the NTCAC staff help you put together a teleworking program at your business.


Flexible Scheduling

This program helps reduce typical rush hour traffic by staggering work hours during the week. is a regional web site administered by NCTCOG that allows individuals to record their alternative commutes, such as carpooling or telecommuting. Click here to go directly to

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